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Tech for Forests Survey


We are researching free/open source software (FOSS) projects related to digital infrastructures that can be used for humanitarian and environmental causes. Our research aims to understand the limits and scope of these infrastructures as a tool to strengthen the struggle of communities whose territories are threatened by illegal or predatory activities.

So, if you are a developer and contribute (or already have contributed) to some project along this line, please participate in our survey. The questionnaire contains both open-ended and multiple choice questions, and it takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Your participation will help us to outline the main challenges that these types of projects face.

We appreciate your time and trust.

Thank you!

Tech for Forests team

This project is part of the 2021 Digital Infrastructure RFP supported by The Ford Foundation and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, in collaboration with the Open Collective Foundation.


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Tech for Forests
Project: How is Digital Infrastructure a Critical Response to Fight Climate Change?
Principal Investigator: Narrira Lemos de Souza
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